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New Kindergarten & Daycare Centers

The very facts that families appeal to us daily to register their children in our institutions, and that the municipal welfare department collaborates frequently with us and refers its most difficult cases to our care are the most compelling proofs that we are actively achieving our goals.

These are 7 of 21 facilities where we provide education and hot meals to over 900 less fortunate kids. The government gave us land to build new day care facilities which are sorely needed in the city to enable parents to work.

The government also gave us a grant for the facilities of seven million shekels. The problem, however is that the project will cost close to twice that amount. We must build the facility. However, we need substantial financial assistance to complete it.

This coming year G-d willing hundreds of our children will enjoy the new facilities. Our operating budget depends solely on the small government grants we receive, and even more on our supporters' help.

Please! Your support is very much needed!

We will gladly provide you with additional information.

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